Get Your Free Beatles Song Book

The best way to use this song book is to save the file to your computer. Then when you open the song book, press the end key or go to the last page. The look for the song you want. When you click on a song in that index, you will be directed to the sheet music of that song.

This Beatles song book is called "The Beatles - All Songs 1962-1974". This contains all of the songs the the fab four wrote between 1962 and 1974. There are a ton of songs. There are in piano form with bass notes. The songs include lyrics. I have found several notation mistakes. For example there will be a Bmin chord but the bass note will be C. Some songs may have a chord that wasn't originally performed in the song, for example in Yellow Submarine, after the lyrics, "and the band begins to play", there is an Amin7 chord where it should be a G chord. There are also parts from the song that are missing in certain songs (also take note that most songs have no intros).


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